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Update in feedback flow on Tab effective 10 May, 2017

Genuine and unbiased feedback is the essence of healthcare. It helps patients in making better healthcare decisions, and the medical practitioners are able to set accurate expectations for their establishment.

Therefore, as a healthcare platform, it’s imperative that Practo has only the highest quality and reliable feedback. To ensure this, input was collected from thousands of doctors and combined with your valuable suggestions to make feedback more helpful for all the patients. As the next step, we’re improving our system of updating our feedback system and related policies on the Practo platform and Ray Tab.

Here are the highlights from the improvements on the feedback system:

  • Update in feedback collection flow on Tab
    No bias” is the prerequisite for reliable feedback. Previously, the feedback could be published as soon as the patient submitted it on the Tab, at the clinic’s premises. To reduce the possibility of influenced opinions, the new system allows patients a buffer of 3 days to confirm or revisit their submitted feedback. This ensures that the feedback is of high quality, unbiased, well-thought and extremely reliable.

    New flow will be effective from 10 May 2017, for all Ray Tab customers.

  • Stringent verification and removal of false feedback
      1. One patient can leave only one feedback per doctor, or update the same in future.
      2. Every feedback on Practo gets published only after verifying its source. Smart algorithms detect and delete feedback posted from fake identities to avoid intentional malign or manipulated praises.
      3. Doctor-to-doctor feedback is strongly discouraged to prevent competitive bias.
  • Blurring opinion based on medical ability of the doctor
    Words that question a doctor’s medical expertise are blurred and statements that indicate personal attack are removed. e.g. “ineffective treatment”  would be blurred, while “money-minded doctor” will be removed. This is done to ensure that only meaningful and helpful feedback is made public to the patients.

Practo strives to make feedback as reliable and meaningful as possible. We hope that the new enhancements to the feedback flow and policy will act as a positive steps towards a reliable and simpler healthcare for everyone.

You can read more details on the new feedback policy click here.

New improvements to the Ray Payment Solution

Dear Doctors,

Over the past few weeks, we collected feedback from a lot of our users to help us improve our product and deliver a much better experience to you.

Here is how we have improved Ray Payment Solution:

  1. Guaranteed 3-day payment settlements help you get better control on your clinic’s revenue
  2. 1-click collection of pending payments initiates payment requests instantly, against all your pending invoices
  3. Easy integration with billing eliminates manual intervention from the time you initiate a payment till the generation of the payment receipt
  4. Uninterrupted performance on 2G/3G/4G ensures that the payments are absolutely hassle-free and quick
  5. Lower transaction charges (coming soon)

Ray Payment Solution is designed to reduce manual effort and the billing time. Its ease of use and bank-level security is guaranteed to impress your patients too!
You can read more about RPS here:

Scheduled maintenance on 12 Mar for Ray by Practo

Dear Doctors,

This is to inform you of the scheduled maintenance work for Ray on 12 March 2017, from 3:30 AM to 6:30 AM.

During this period, you can expect a short service interruption.

We perform regular maintenance to ensure that the service continues uninterrupted for our customers. In most cases, maintenance can be performed without service interruption. However, in the rare event when maintenance cannot be performed without interruption, we work hard to keep any impact as brief as possible.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.


Team Practo