Monthly Archives: September 2013

Prescribe it like you think it

One of the key highlights of Practo Ray is how it helps doctors create prescriptions that are easy to understand for patients. But we’ve found a way to make those prescriptions even better by simplifying how you would add a new prescription. Read on to know how.

Add your prescriptions in the same way you would say it

You can now tell your patients which drug they need to take along with the frequency of dosage and any other instruction you might want to include in a single line. This improves the readability of prescriptions and also eliminates unnecessary scrolling as you can see all the drugs you have prescribed to the patient at one shot.



The new prescription view not only makes it easier to add prescriptions but also allows for better review once you’re done with it.



Don’t be restricted to just your drug catalogue

You can now add customized drugs to specific patient prescriptions. This means that your prescriptions are no longer limited to the drugs in your catalogue, you can even prescribe one-off drugs to patients in specific cases. These drugs will not be part of your overall drug catalogue but will appear in the particular patient’s prescription.



A pleasure to prescribe and a treat to read

All these improvements in your overall prescription also allow you to have better printouts that are cleaner, better and easy to understand for your patients!