Monthly Archives: July 2014

Print Bill Summary

Having a consolidated bill of all the services your performed for a patient, will come in handy when they need one for insurance claims. We want to help you give your patients what they need, so you can now print out a summary of invoices.

Consolidated Bill

Go to your Ledger (under Billing in Records). Check off the Invoices that you want to summarise and click on the Print Billing Summary button.


Five updates for an improved Timeline

The Timeline lets you see the entire patient journey in one glance. Since its such an important visualisation tool for you, we have couple updates focused on ease of use and functionality.

Timeline Categories with Select All option

Timeline select all

We’ve just saved you the effort of manually selecting each Record Category in the Timeline. The Select/Deselect All option makes its easier for you when you want to see the Records for all categories.

If you want to see to just one or two categories, click the option again ( it changes to Deselect All) to quickly choose the options you need.

Deselect All

Image Files in Case Sheet Printouts and Emails

We bring you another feature that you’ve asked for. You can now include Image files (jpeg, bmp, gif formats). You now have greater freedom in including image files, and sharing images has been made easier.

Invoice number and Appointment Timings in Timeline


We’ve packed in a little more information on the Timeline with Invoice numbers and Appointment timings now, so you can easily pick out information that you need.

Doctor Names don’t repeat on Case Sheets

If all Records are created under the same doctor, the case sheet will not repeat the Doctors name for each and every entry. This makes it easier for you to read, and looks better as well.

.Uniform Icons for Records and Timeline

The Timeline icons are now the same as the Records icons. This makes it easier for you to to recall options and helps you pick out them out in an instant.

Minor Communication Downtime

Please Note: This message applies only to Singapore customers.

The Personal Data Protection Commission, Government of Singapore has a new list of PDPA requirements, announced on 2nd July, 2014. To comply with that, we need to make some interim changes to the communications module in Practo Ray.


Birthday Wish SMS and Follow-Up Reminder SMS will be temporarily disabled until end of this month. You can still send Appointment Confirmation, Cancellation and Reminder SMS to your patients. All other features remain unaffected.

Descriptive Patient Queue

The patient queue is an indispensable tool for any practitioner. One look will tell who’s been waiting, and for how long. Our new, descriptive patient queue packs in some more information to help you manage practice schedule better.

Simplified Patient Queue

Now, you can see the patient’s appointment time arranged chronologically along with the procedures planned in the visit. So if you wanted to make prior arrangements required for some planned procedures, this information is available right upfront. 

The new patient queue also shows Events scheduled for the day along with the patient Appointments, so that the queue provides you a complete view of practice schedule.

The Appointment Notes show-up on patient queue when planned procedure information is not specified. Additionally, the new patient queue now fits in more appointments and events by smartly adjusting its size based on information available. 

And we know how much you care about reducing patient wait times. So, you can find details such as average wait time in Reports > Appointments for monitoring waiting time improvements and other analysis.

Two updates for better patient experience

New ABS Button:

The ABS button lets your patients instantly book appointments with you, so we’ve revamped it to precisely communicate this fact.

Before and After

We need your patients to know that booking appointments with you is only a click away, and the new look of the ABS button on conveys that.

Want ABS? Get in touch with us!

Flexible Time Slots:

Every doctor has their own way of running their practice, and the tools they use need to reflect this. We are working on accommodating all your needs and on that note, we are introducing customisable time slots on for your appointments. You can choose the duration of your appointments that your patients see when they book an appointment with you. You can select durations of:

  • 15 min
  • 20 min
  • 30 min
  • 1 hr
  • 2 hr

Here’s how you can select your appropriate timeslot: