Descriptive Patient Queue

The patient queue is an indispensable tool for any practitioner. One look will tell who’s been waiting, and for how long. Our new, descriptive patient queue packs in some more information to help you manage practice schedule better.

Simplified Patient Queue

Now, you can see the patient’s appointment time arranged chronologically along with the procedures planned in the visit. So if you wanted to make prior arrangements required for some planned procedures, this information is available right upfront. 

The new patient queue also shows Events scheduled for the day along with the patient Appointments, so that the queue provides you a complete view of practice schedule.

The Appointment Notes show-up on patient queue when planned procedure information is not specified. Additionally, the new patient queue now fits in more appointments and events by smartly adjusting its size based on information available. 

And we know how much you care about reducing patient wait times. So, you can find details such as average wait time in Reports > Appointments for monitoring waiting time improvements and other analysis.