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Resolution Center for superior support

We’ve been working hard to give you much more control and keep you updated on all the issues you raise. Hence, we’ve adopted a new approach which takes our support several notches higher.

Introducing the Resolution Center

When you now raise an issue through any medium – email, phone or chat, you will be clued in on every step of the resolution process with update notifications. When the issue is resolved you’ll receive an SMS and you’ll let us know whether we satisfied you, or there‚Äôs scope for improvement. At any point in time you can check open and closed issues as well as issues that you rated as good or bad.




You will only see issues raised after 18th Feb, 2014
Since we are starting out now, you will only see issues that you’ll create henceforth, and not the previous issues, even if they are still open.
How to go to Resolution Center
On the menu click on the ‘settings symbol’ > then click on ‘My Accounts’ > on the menu click on ‘Resolution Center’
How to Raise an Issue and track it
Please go through our easy to understand help article which explains the steps in detail.

We are constantly working towards being transparent and more helpful in our partnership with you. We trust that you’ll find the Resolution Center useful and empowering. We’d love to hear your thoughts.