Monthly Archives: June 2013

Ray updates : Better Patient Profile Management

The recent updates made on patient profile will help you track, treat and manage patients better.

You can now merge two patient accounts

Your Contacts section now comes with a button, that lets you merge two patient accounts into one.


For example if a patient has two accounts titled as Neil S ( P001) and Neil S (P130412) , you can now merge these two accounts into a single one. While merging if there are any fields with multiple values, you can choose the value that should be a part of the merged profile by clicking on button against it.


Patient notes can now be deleted

patient note

Patient registration forms now mention Aadhar ID

Your patient registration forms online and on printouts, now have a field for Aadhar ID.


The Indian government has released a number of beneficiary health insurance claims that are linked to the Aadhar ID of a citizen. If your clinic happens to participate in government health insurance schemes, this recent update now makes it easier for your clinic to record your patients Aadhar ID on all the documentation such as receipts and prescriptions, that are necessary to make claims and reimbursements.


Watch this space for more exciting updates.

Ray updates : Neat and better Printouts

With our recent updates all your report printouts now come in neat and readable font sizes.

Thermal receipt printouts in readable font sizes

You can now provide your patients with Thermal receipt printouts that are clear and readable.


Invoice printouts include payment details


Printouts needn’t mention patient details

You can now choose to exclude patient details such as gender and date of birth from all printouts.


Stay tuned to this space for more updates.



Ray Updates : More comprehensive reports

This weeks release brings you a handful of updates that have made your reports more comprehensive.

Reports now display the grand total

All your reports will now display the grand total at the top of the each column. This will be the sum up of all the values under that respective column.


Sorting Accounting Reports

You now have the option to sort the data on your reports. Just click on the title of each column to sort the values either in the decreasing or increasing order. For example, in the screenshot shown below, sorting helps you get a quick overview of the date that saw the highest invoice intake.


Watch this space for more exciting updates.

Ray Updates: Better association between doctors and procedures

Keeping track of your invoices and procedures just got quicker with our recent updates.

A new procedure added will display the previously selected doctor

Now every time you add a new procedure, by default the previously selected doctor from the doctor list is displayed. With this automated, we ensure that you don’t waste time selecting repetitive information.


Invoices will now mention the names of the doctors

Your invoices will now display the name of the doctor who administered the procedure.


Even your invoice printouts will mention the doctor’s name.


 Stay tuned to this space for more updates.

Ray Updates: Enhanced prescription templates and case sheet printouts

The recent updates to our EMR section will help you enhance patient care at your clinic.

Prescription templates now specify additional notes

We now provide you with comprehensive prescription templates with the option to save additional notes. So now every time you choose one or more prescription templates from the list on the sidebar, the additional notes get added in. This feature helps you get a quick overview of certain observations made by you at the time of prescription.


Case sheet printouts now include procedures performed

You can now provide your patients with case sheet printouts that include details on all the procedures performed during the period of treatment.


 Stay tuned to this space for more updates.

Ray Updates: Improved Payment and Appointment Reports

Our most recent update on accounting reports helps you keep track of your transactions better.

Payment Reports now specify payment vendors

Your payment reports will now display the breakup of amounts received through various payment vendors. This clear breakup of the payments will help you can stay on top of the billing at your practice.

payment report

Appointment Reports show appointment time, check-in and check-out time

You can now view the appointment time, check-in time, check-out time and treatment duration of each of your patients. 


Watch this space for more exciting updates.