Ray updates : Better Patient Profile Management

The recent updates made on patient profile will help you track, treat and manage patients better.

You can now merge two patient accounts

Your Contacts section now comes with a button, that lets you merge two patient accounts into one.


For example if a patient has two accounts titled as Neil S ( P001) and Neil S (P130412) , you can now merge these two accounts into a single one. While merging if there are any fields with multiple values, you can choose the value that should be a part of the merged profile by clicking on button against it.


Patient notes can now be deleted

patient note

Patient registration forms now mention Aadhar ID

Your patient registration forms online and on printouts, now have a field for Aadhar ID.


The Indian government has released a number of beneficiary health insurance claims that are linked to the Aadhar ID of a citizen. If your clinic happens to participate in government health insurance schemes, this recent update now makes it easier for your clinic to record your patients Aadhar ID on all the documentation such as receipts and prescriptions, that are necessary to make claims and reimbursements.


Watch this space for more exciting updates.