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Sync your Calendar

You can see what your entire day looks with a glance at your Practo Calendar. If you use apps like Google Calendar or Outlook to manage your schedule, we thought it would be useful if we brought them together.

So now, you can Sync your Practo Calendar to your favorite calendar apps. If you go to Settings > Calendar > Subscribe, you’ll see this:


You can see the list of doctors in your practice with the corresponding calendar link next to their name. You can copy this link to your Google calendar, or click on ‘Outlook/iCal Link’ to directly sync it to Outlook or iCalendar. If you’d like to know more, view the help articles

Released: All Your Patient Information In One Place – Records

Contacts, EMR and Billing – They’re all about patients. So we’ve put all that patient information, under one tab – Records. So when you click on the Records tab, you’ll see everything on the left, for immediate access.


So now that it’s all in one place, you can switch from checking Prescriptions to Payments in no time, just like you’ve wanted to. To start with, Records will be an optional feature – You can always go back to the current way of navigation.

As always, we’d like to know what you think. You can send your comments to


Copy an Appointment

If your patients have recurring appointments at your practice, manually adding each appointment to your calendar will always take longer than expected.

Appointment copy lets you duplicate appointments, so you can make minor edits to your previous appointment (like changing the time), and make a new appointment in a matter of seconds.

When you hover over the appointment and click on copy…Summat

…you’ll be prompted to select a time-slot on the calendar.Click Slot to Paste

Once you click on a timeslot on the calendar, you’ll see this page:

Calendar   Practo Ray V6

Click on the Paste option, and the Add appointment page gets automatically updated with the appointment details that you just copied. And you have a duplicated appointment in no time.

Billing and Inventory are now connected

Keeping your stock levels up-to-date when you sell products has now been made easier then ever. You wont ever have to worry about how much stock you have for a product. We’ve connected your prescriptions, inventory and billing to give you a seamless invoicing experience.

Prescriptions with Inventory:

Add all products from a prescription to to your Invoice in a single click. 

prescriptions inventory

Inventory with Prescriptions:

When you make a prescription, you’ll see what products are in stock and what are not.summat

Invoices with Inventory:

Sell over the counter products directly from your inventory.Billing   Inventory practice   Practo Ray

Now you don’t have to worry about keeping your Inventory updated when you bill your products. You can also take a look at our help articles about invoicing a product and adding drugs to inventory. We’ve worked real hard on bringing this update to you, so we’d like to know if you have any thoughts or suggestions. Drop us a mail at to let us know what you think.

Please Note: This update applies only to customers who are on Basic and Advanced Plans.