Billing and Inventory are now connected

Keeping your stock levels up-to-date when you sell products has now been made easier then ever. You wont ever have to worry about how much stock you have for a product. We’ve connected your prescriptions, inventory and billing to give you a seamless invoicing experience.

Prescriptions with Inventory:

Add all products from a prescription to to your Invoice in a single click. 

prescriptions inventory

Inventory with Prescriptions:

When you make a prescription, you’ll see what products are in stock and what are not.summat

Invoices with Inventory:

Sell over the counter products directly from your inventory.Billing   Inventory practice   Practo Ray

Now you don’t have to worry about keeping your Inventory updated when you bill your products. You can also take a look at our help articles about invoicing a product and adding drugs to inventory. We’ve worked real hard on bringing this update to you, so we’d like to know if you have any thoughts or suggestions. Drop us a mail at to let us know what you think.

Please Note: This update applies only to customers who are on Basic and Advanced Plans.