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Released: Accept Payments Directly from Invoices

We’ve been working on improving your invoicing experience by helping you add procedures to your invoice, adding doctors and improving the overall look of the invoicing screen.  Along those lines, we have another big, time-saving improvement update.

When paying off an Invoice, you’ve been making the invoice first, picking it up again and then accepting the payment. We’ve condensed that process, so you can now accept payments right from the Invoice screen.

You just have to click the ‘Pay’ button next to the Grand Total.

Pay Invoice

You’ll see a payment dialog box with the payment details already filled in, which you can edit if needed.

Save Payment

Once you collect the appropriate payment, click on the ‘Save Invoice & Payment’. Your payment gets saved, along with the Invoice.

Tooth-specific Completed Procedures

Something that we found while talking to dentists, is that their Treatments are spread out over multiple sittings.

Treatment Plan

So if you’re carrying out a dental procedure from a Treatment Plan…Completed Procedure

..and find yourself needing another sitting to complete it, Practo Ray can now help you organise that. Just deselect the teeth for which treatment is pending, and save the procedure.


A new Treatment plan will be created with the procedure planned for the remaining teeth.

New Treatment Plan

The Procedure that you just completed has the green tick mark next to it, and the pending treatment is below it.

The planned procedure notes remain intact. You can pick up this treatment plan when the patient walks in for the next sitting, and begin where you left off. And if you had specified a discount for the plan, it’ll get equally divided among each sitting.

Tooth wise procedure completion is available only to the ‘Dental’ category of practices.

Practo Share – Easy Access to Medical Records

You already know the importance of the Doctor-Patient Relationship. That’s why you have Practo Ray running in your practice – to get your patients to put their trust in you.

Practo Share is another effort to improve patient trust. It lets you share medical records with your patients online.

Share Records

Your patients can view their:

  • Appointments
  • Prescriptions
  • Files
  • and Invoices.

This is all they can see. You can stay assured that they can’t see anything else other than what’s mentioned above. Take a look at the help article if you want to know more. You can also reach out to us through our support channels with your thoughts and suggestions.

Default Tax for Products

When you Invoice a Product, you had to manually enter the taxes applicable every time.

With this update, you can now set up the tax applicable on a Product from the Add/Edit Item page in your Inventory.


So the next time you add that product in an Invoice, the tax you specified is automatically selected.


You can also see the Product Retail Price and Applicable Tax in the Inventory list itself.


Check out the detailed How-to article for setting default Taxes.

Auto Stock Updation for Cancelled Invoices

Changed your mind about an Invoice? No problem!

If you need to cancel an Invoice for a product, you don’t have to worry about manually updating stock levels in your Inventory any more. If you cancel any Invoice that has products, the stock levels will get automatically adjusted by adding the stocks back to Inventory.

Auto-Update Dialog Box