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Update in feedback flow on Tab effective 10 May, 2017

Genuine and unbiased feedback is the essence of healthcare. It helps patients in making better healthcare decisions, and the medical practitioners are able to set accurate expectations for their establishment.

Therefore, as a healthcare platform, it’s imperative that Practo has only the highest quality and reliable feedback. To ensure this, input was collected from thousands of doctors and combined with your valuable suggestions to make feedback more helpful for all the patients. As the next step, we’re improving our system of updating our feedback system and related policies on the Practo platform and Ray Tab.

Here are the highlights from the improvements on the feedback system:

  • Update in feedback collection flow on Tab
    No bias” is the prerequisite for reliable feedback. Previously, the feedback could be published as soon as the patient submitted it on the Tab, at the clinic’s premises. To reduce the possibility of influenced opinions, the new system allows patients a buffer of 3 days to confirm or revisit their submitted feedback. This ensures that the feedback is of high quality, unbiased, well-thought and extremely reliable.

    New flow will be effective from 10 May 2017, for all Ray Tab customers.

  • Stringent verification and removal of false feedback
      1. One patient can leave only one feedback per doctor, or update the same in future.
      2. Every feedback on Practo gets published only after verifying its source. Smart algorithms detect and delete feedback posted from fake identities to avoid intentional malign or manipulated praises.
      3. Doctor-to-doctor feedback is strongly discouraged to prevent competitive bias.
  • Blurring opinion based on medical ability of the doctor
    Words that question a doctor’s medical expertise are blurred and statements that indicate personal attack are removed. e.g. “ineffective treatment”  would be blurred, while “money-minded doctor” will be removed. This is done to ensure that only meaningful and helpful feedback is made public to the patients.

Practo strives to make feedback as reliable and meaningful as possible. We hope that the new enhancements to the feedback flow and policy will act as a positive steps towards a reliable and simpler healthcare for everyone.

You can read more details on the new feedback policy click here.

Supercharged SMS with App Link

The fastest and easiest way for your patients to book an appointment with you is through the Practo App. All they have to do is find you on Practo, see when you are available, and instantly book an appointment. Since it’s so convenient, patients are more likely to book an appointment, rather than thinking that they’ll do it when they ‘find the time’.

Supercharged SMSes are Appointment Reminder/Confirmation SMSes sent to patients, along with a  App Download link.Supercharged-appointment-confirmation-SMS-1024x466

The link reminds patients to get the App, making it easier to book their next appointment with you, and to find your clinic when they need to.

To know more about this feature, check out our Help Article.




Holiday season tips to manage your practice better

As we usher in the holiday season, here are two Practo Ray pro-tips:

1. Going on holiday? Block your calendar and streamline online appointments

If you’re going on a vacation or just taking out some time from your practice, make sure to let patients know, by blocking your calendar. This will help you avert unintended online appointments and help patients seeking appointments plan better.

Here’s how you do it: Blocking your calendar for holidays

2. Send personalized festive greetings to patients

Reaching out to patients on festivals is a great way to spread positive messages about health and create brand recall for your practice.

Here’s how you do it: Sending festive greetings to patients

Best wishes for a great holiday season and do get in touch with for any queries.

Easily capture birth history and create comprehensive patient profiles

This feature is available only for existing pediatric EMR customers. To know more about pediatric EMR leave a missed call on (+91) 080 3951 0258.

Capturing relevant medical data like birth and medical history for pediatric patients is essential for reaching the correct diagnosis and planning treatment.

Keeping this in mind, we are pleased to bring you new features that will help you easily create comprehensive profiles for your patients and record all relevant data.

1. Capture parent names without the need to create patient profiles for each parent. Also record father’s & mother’s mobile numbers in the patient profile

Capture parent names & phone numbers

2. Record comprehensive birth history and easily select pre-existing conditions, or add your own

Select pre-existing conditions in pediatric profile

3. A summary of the birth history will always visible in the patient bar. Simply click to expand

Birth history summary

We trust these new enhancements to pediatric patient profiles will assist you in better diagnosis and treatment planning as well as patient recall.

Interested in pediatric EMR? Simply give a missed call to (+91) 080 3951 0258 or email us at

Protect your practice data with two-factor authentication

Your Practo account gets even more secure with two-factor authentication

Continuing with our industry-leading security & data storage standards, we are pleased to introduce two-factor authentication into your Practo account.

How two-factor authentication protects you

Two-factor authentication, widely used by banks & financial institutions worldwide, adds an extra layer of security to your Practo account by using something you know (your username & password) and something you have (your smartphone).

Setting up two-factor authentication

A. For your practice:

1. Practice owners can go to ‘Practice Staff’ in Settings and choose ‘Enforce 2 factor authentication’ (see below)

2. Once enforced, all users (owners, other doctors, staff) will be prompted to Enable it the next time they try to access your practice.

B. For your own account:

1. Any Practo user can visit Practo Accounts, login and click ‘Setup two-factor authentication’.

2. Download the Google Authenticator app and follow the on-screen instructions.

Accessing your account

3 steps

Generating your authentication token

Generating tokens

Activating two-factor authentication for your practice


To activate two-factor authentication, practice owners can go to Settings > Practice Staff or by clicking here.

For more information, refer to the Help article or contact Practo Support.


  1. Authentication tokens are time-bound and for single use only.
  2. A new authentication token will be generated each time you login.
  3. Once enabled for a practice, all account members in that practice must use two-factor authentication to login.

Reminder and Birthday SMS Reactivation

Follow-up reminder SMS and Birthday SMS messages will be reactivated for Singapore customers starting January 1st, 2015.


We had temporarily deactivated follow-up reminder SMS and Birthday SMS messages to keep in line with the The Personal Data Protection Commission’s PDPA requirements. We’ve now started filtering numbers against the DNC register as required. We’re thankful for your patience while we made sure we were completely compliant.



Released: Accept Payments Directly from Invoices

We’ve been working on improving your invoicing experience by helping you add procedures to your invoice, adding doctors and improving the overall look of the invoicing screen.  Along those lines, we have another big, time-saving improvement update.

When paying off an Invoice, you’ve been making the invoice first, picking it up again and then accepting the payment. We’ve condensed that process, so you can now accept payments right from the Invoice screen.

You just have to click the ‘Pay’ button next to the Grand Total.

Pay Invoice

You’ll see a payment dialog box with the payment details already filled in, which you can edit if needed.

Save Payment

Once you collect the appropriate payment, click on the ‘Save Invoice & Payment’. Your payment gets saved, along with the Invoice.

Sync your Calendar

You can see what your entire day looks with a glance at your Practo Calendar. If you use apps like Google Calendar or Outlook to manage your schedule, we thought it would be useful if we brought them together.

So now, you can Sync your Practo Calendar to your favorite calendar apps. If you go to Settings > Calendar > Subscribe, you’ll see this:


You can see the list of doctors in your practice with the corresponding calendar link next to their name. You can copy this link to your Google calendar, or click on ‘Outlook/iCal Link’ to directly sync it to Outlook or iCalendar. If you’d like to know more, view the help articles

Billing and Inventory are now connected

Keeping your stock levels up-to-date when you sell products has now been made easier then ever. You wont ever have to worry about how much stock you have for a product. We’ve connected your prescriptions, inventory and billing to give you a seamless invoicing experience.

Prescriptions with Inventory:

Add all products from a prescription to to your Invoice in a single click. 

prescriptions inventory

Inventory with Prescriptions:

When you make a prescription, you’ll see what products are in stock and what are not.summat

Invoices with Inventory:

Sell over the counter products directly from your inventory.Billing   Inventory practice   Practo Ray

Now you don’t have to worry about keeping your Inventory updated when you bill your products. You can also take a look at our help articles about invoicing a product and adding drugs to inventory. We’ve worked real hard on bringing this update to you, so we’d like to know if you have any thoughts or suggestions. Drop us a mail at to let us know what you think.

Please Note: This update applies only to customers who are on Basic and Advanced Plans.