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New improvements to the Ray Payment Solution

Dear Doctors,

Over the past few weeks, we collected feedback from a lot of our users to help us improve our product and deliver a much better experience to you.

Here is how we have improved Ray Payment Solution:

  1. Guaranteed 3-day payment settlements help you get better control on your clinic’s revenue
  2. 1-click collection of pending payments initiates payment requests instantly, against all your pending invoices
  3. Easy integration with billing eliminates manual intervention from the time you initiate a payment till the generation of the payment receipt
  4. Uninterrupted performance on 2G/3G/4G ensures that the payments are absolutely hassle-free and quick
  5. Lower transaction charges (coming soon)

Ray Payment Solution is designed to reduce manual effort and the billing time. Its ease of use and bank-level security is guaranteed to impress your patients too!
You can read more about RPS here:

Scheduled maintenance on 12 Mar for Ray by Practo

Dear Doctors,

This is to inform you of the scheduled maintenance work for Ray on 12 March 2017, from 3:30 AM to 6:30 AM.

During this period, you can expect a short service interruption.

We perform regular maintenance to ensure that the service continues uninterrupted for our customers. In most cases, maintenance can be performed without service interruption. However, in the rare event when maintenance cannot be performed without interruption, we work hard to keep any impact as brief as possible.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.


Team Practo


Introducing Practo Feedback

Understand your patients better

Testimonials play a key role in building reputation. But most doctors don’t have the time to collect feedback from patients, let alone analyse and convert them into testimonials.

So to help you increase visibility among patients, Practo brings you Practo Feedback – a service that collects comprehensive feedback from your patients. This feedback will be reflected on as testimonials, emphasizing the authenticity of your practice. Since only verified patients will be leaving feedback about you, prospective patients browsing online will find it much easier to trust your profile.

Practo Feedback

*This service is free of cost for a limited time. Available for customers in India only.


Coming Soon: Vital Signs Trends

Update: Vital Signs Trends is now available to practices in all medical & dental specialties.

Doctors get key insights into their patients’ health by monitoring their temperature, respiratory rate, blood pressure and pulse. The trends displayed by plotting these Vital Signs helps doctors identify chronic medical problems. So when they treat diabetes or hypertension, doctors use Vital Signs to check if the medicines they prescribed are working. In pregnancies, they use it to keep a check on the mother and child’s health.


It would be incredibly useful, for both doctors and patients, if these vital signs could be automatically plotted and accessed all in one place. It would help doctors make an accurate diagnosis, and keep patients updated about the state of their health.

Practo is currently working with doctors to make tracking vital signs trends easier and quicker. Doctors will soon be able to monitor a patient’s vital signs, quickly diagnose medical issues, and tailor treatment plans.

As always, we’d love to hear from you so please leave us your comments. To know more, write to us.

Practo Share – Easy Access to Medical Records

You already know the importance of the Doctor-Patient Relationship. That’s why you have Practo Ray running in your practice – to get your patients to put their trust in you.

Practo Share is another effort to improve patient trust. It lets you share medical records with your patients online.

Share Records

Your patients can view their:

  • Appointments
  • Prescriptions
  • Files
  • and Invoices.

This is all they can see. You can stay assured that they can’t see anything else other than what’s mentioned above. Take a look at the help article if you want to know more. You can also reach out to us through our support channels with your thoughts and suggestions.

Released: One Step Invoicing

Until now you needed to first add a Completed Procedure before you added it to an Invoice. With the new super fast One-Step Invoicing, we’ve made it a lot easier for you.

You can now add any procedure from the Procedure Catalog (on the right). You can also add procedures from your Treatment Plans and Completed Procedures. Adding Procedures to Invoices

In the Procedure Catalog, Completed Procedures are identified by a ‘Completed’ label appearing in Green color next to the procedure name. Similarly, the procedures from Treatment Plans are identified by ‘Planned’ labels.

The Planned procedures and the procedures added directly from the Procedure Catalog are automatically marked as Completed once the Invoice is saved.

To know more, check out How Do I Invoice a Procedure from Procedure Catalog?.

Resolution Center for superior support

We’ve been working hard to give you much more control and keep you updated on all the issues you raise. Hence, we’ve adopted a new approach which takes our support several notches higher.

Introducing the Resolution Center

When you now raise an issue through any medium – email, phone or chat, you will be clued in on every step of the resolution process with update notifications. When the issue is resolved you’ll receive an SMS and you’ll let us know whether we satisfied you, or there’s scope for improvement. At any point in time you can check open and closed issues as well as issues that you rated as good or bad.




You will only see issues raised after 18th Feb, 2014
Since we are starting out now, you will only see issues that you’ll create henceforth, and not the previous issues, even if they are still open.
How to go to Resolution Center
On the menu click on the ‘settings symbol’ > then click on ‘My Accounts’ > on the menu click on ‘Resolution Center’
How to Raise an Issue and track it
Please go through our easy to understand help article which explains the steps in detail.

We are constantly working towards being transparent and more helpful in our partnership with you. We trust that you’ll find the Resolution Center useful and empowering. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

BIG NEWS: My Practo Account – One Place to Manage All Your Purchases

This is Major! So read on till the end.

We constantly work towards being the simplest Practice Management Software for you. Here’s another move towards that goal. You now have a single page to manage everything you buy on the Practo platform. It’s called:

My Practo Account

From here you can:
– View all your Practice Subscriptions
– Check days left for your existing Subscriptions
– Renew Subscriptions
– Purchase New Subscriptions (Add Clinic)
– Purchase new Doctor Accounts
– Check Used Credits and Balance
– Recharge Credit
– Change your password
– Change your account information

This is how the page looks

My Practo Accounts

So What Changes?

– No separate pages for Subscriptions or Add ons. Just one My Practo Account page.
– All your existing Bulk SMS Add ons turn into equivalent credits. Where each SMS costs Rs.0.30. For e.g., if you have 100 SMS left in your Bulk SMS Add On pack, you will be given credit worth Rs. 33

Recharging Credits

When you want to recharge your mobile credits, on your My Practo Account page, to the right, under Credits, click on the button that says Recharge.

On this page, based your transaction, communication and promotional SMS requirement you can choose a Recharge Pack. 

Recharge credits

Renewing Subscriptions

On your My Practo Account page you can see the subscription days left for every clinic you own. Click on the Renew button and you’ll see the Practo Plans.

Here you can choose
– The type of plan
– The duration
– The number of doctor accounts (Be sure to check out the special offer)
(psst… We usually have early renewal offers which give you extra FREE months for the same amount.)

Buy Practo Subscription

Like it? Here’s how you get there

If you are on the latest version of Practo Ray i.e. Ray v6
On the Menu > Click on your Clinic’s name > Click on My Practo Account

V6 My Practo Account

If you are on the older version of Practo Ray
On the Menu > Click on Settings > Click on My Practo Account

V5 My Practo Account

So that’s the big change this week! Does it help you manage your purchases better? Let us know what you think at