Coming Soon: Vital Signs Trends

Update: Vital Signs Trends is now available to practices in all medical & dental specialties.

Doctors get key insights into their patients’ health by monitoring their temperature, respiratory rate, blood pressure and pulse. The trends displayed by plotting these Vital Signs helps doctors identify chronic medical problems. So when they treat diabetes or hypertension, doctors use Vital Signs to check if the medicines they prescribed are working. In pregnancies, they use it to keep a check on the mother and child’s health.


It would be incredibly useful, for both doctors and patients, if these vital signs could be automatically plotted and accessed all in one place. It would help doctors make an accurate diagnosis, and keep patients updated about the state of their health.

Practo is currently working with doctors to make tracking vital signs trends easier and quicker. Doctors will soon be able to monitor a patient’s vital signs, quickly diagnose medical issues, and tailor treatment plans.

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