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Hello Answered Call Alerts

Even if you’re not in your clinic, you can now know if and when your clinic’s calls are being answered. The Hello Answered Call SMS gives you all the call information you need.

Hello Answered Call Alert SMS

Now you’ll know if an important client calls and be assured that your stations are being manned. It lets your staff know that you’re monitoring the clinic, even if you’re not there.

To turn on Answered Call Alerts, go to Settings > Practice Staff > Staff Notifications, where you’ll see the check box to turn on the alerts.Hello Answered Call Alert

They’re turned off by default, and you’ll have to check the box to turn them on.

BIG NEWS: My Practo Account – One Place to Manage All Your Purchases

This is Major! So read on till the end.

We constantly work towards being the simplest Practice Management Software for you. Here’s another move towards that goal. You now have a single page to manage everything you buy on the Practo platform. It’s called:

My Practo Account

From here you can:
– View all your Practice Subscriptions
– Check days left for your existing Subscriptions
– Renew Subscriptions
– Purchase New Subscriptions (Add Clinic)
– Purchase new Doctor Accounts
– Check Used Credits and Balance
– Recharge Credit
– Change your password
– Change your account information

This is how the page looks

My Practo Accounts

So What Changes?

– No separate pages for Subscriptions or Add ons. Just one My Practo Account page.
– All your existing Bulk SMS Add ons turn into equivalent credits. Where each SMS costs Rs.0.30. For e.g., if you have 100 SMS left in your Bulk SMS Add On pack, you will be given credit worth Rs. 33

Recharging Credits

When you want to recharge your mobile credits, on your My Practo Account page, to the right, under Credits, click on the button that says Recharge.

On this page, based your transaction, communication and promotional SMS requirement you can choose a Recharge Pack. 

Recharge credits

Renewing Subscriptions

On your My Practo Account page you can see the subscription days left for every clinic you own. Click on the Renew button and you’ll see the Practo Plans.

Here you can choose
– The type of plan
– The duration
– The number of doctor accounts (Be sure to check out the special offer)
(psst… We usually have early renewal offers which give you extra FREE months for the same amount.)

Buy Practo Subscription

Like it? Here’s how you get there

If you are on the latest version of Practo Ray i.e. Ray v6
On the Menu > Click on your Clinic’s name > Click on My Practo Account

V6 My Practo Account

If you are on the older version of Practo Ray
On the Menu > Click on Settings > Click on My Practo Account

V5 My Practo Account

So that’s the big change this week! Does it help you manage your purchases better? Let us know what you think at