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Changes to Edit With Trail in Clinical Notes

Changes to Edit With Trail in Clinical Notes

Note: Applicable for customers in Singapore only. 

Clinical notes are essential to track patient records, and there are several revisions to be made when tracking a patient through the various stages of treatment. Understanding the need for auditing the edit trail in Clinical Notes, Practo brings you a solution to help you edit and review revisions to patient records effortlessly.

Since many edits occur within a 24-hour period of note creation, this new feature automatically updates notes and leaves an edit trail only after the 24-hour period.

With the new edit trail option you can:

  • Make edits with 24 hours without leaving an edit trail
  • Retain the doctor name and date to the clinical note
  • View dates of note creation and note revision separately

Screenshot 2015-01-13 11.33.27

Screenshot 2015-01-13 11.39.28

We trust this feature will help you easily track and monitor edits to Clinical Notes.