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Improved Ray Mobile App

Ray Mobile App 3.0

Everything is at your fingertips. So why not your practice?
Download the Practo Ray App on your phone and experience the difference.
IOS App Store
Android Google Play

The App allows you to access and manage your Ray account from your phone at all times.
The image shows you how the app has gotten better.┬áIn case you are new to the App then here’s everything the app lets you do:
– You can schedule appointments and manage them on the go.
– You can take pictures of your treatment and upload it to patient files directly.
– You can work offline and sync all data later, once you are connected to a network.
– All your Ray contacts are populated into the Mobile App.
– Android users specifically also have a Caller ID facility. So you know a patient is calling because your contacts are on the mobile app, even though you have not saved the number on your phone locally. (This is feature is not available on iOS)
So download the app and let us know how it is has helped your Clinic.