Improved auto-selection of Therapist or Doctor

With this improvement, when a staff user (non doctor/therapist user) adds a completed procedure from procedure catalog the system will automatically select the most recent appointment’s doctor or therapist  as the one who performed the procedure.

AppointmenDoctorAsDefaultSimilarly, the most recent appointment’s doctor or therapist is selected as default when a procedure from catalog is added to Invoice

AppointmenDoctorAsDefault-InvoiceThis improvement in default doctor selection can be seen while adding any of the following information:

  • Treatment Plan
  • Clinical Notes
  • Completed Procedure
  • Prescription
  • Procedures in Invoice
  • Products in Invoice (only for Basic & Advanced plan subscribers)

Please note that as an exception to this rule when a Completed Procedure is added from Treatment Plan, the Treatment Plan’s doctor or therapist is selected by default.

To see the complete order of preference for default doctor selections, click here.