Ray Updates: Add Invoice details in printouts & 6 more features

Here’s the list of new features added to Ray v6 this week –

1. Add invoice details to printouts

You now have the option to add invoice details in your receipt printouts. Instead of having two documents, this one printout with contain both invoice and payment details.


2. Age specifications in days and months for children

You can now view age details of infants below 1 year in months, and for children below 12 years age will be displayed in years and months

Age specifications for infants and children

3. Printout option for Reports

You can now print your reports

reports printout option

4. Print Patient Ledger

You can now even take a printout of a patient’s ledger statement

print ledger

5. Product News

We have an improved product news section. On the menu bar you will now be able to see a numbered bubble that contains all the latest product updates at Practo.

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 6.14.22 PM

6. Dot Matrix and Thermal paper printouts

You now have the option to take dot matrix and thermal paper printouts for all sections

dot matrix printouts

7. Dates of Procedures and Doctor names can be printed on Invoices

You now can add details of the date when a procedure was done and also the doctor name in an invoice printout.

date and doctor name on invoice printout

Watch this space for more exciting updates next week.