Search Updates: More Search filters and SMS’s at every stage of Appointment booking

We’re constantly on the lookout for new ways to improve patient experience through Practo Search. Our latest successes in this area not only make things easier for your patients, they make more sense for your practice as well.

Searching for doctors is no more restricted to just locality or specialty. Patients can now search for doctors across a wide range of parameters such as consultation fees and availability over the week. This not only gives patients more choices to make an informed decision, it makes a doctor’s profile more reliable.


We have also added to the patient’s appointment booking experience by improving the communication to patients and doctors at different stages in the appointment booking process. It is no longer restricted to just appointment booking and cancellations but also includes other stages. The SMS’s sent would cover Appointment request, Doctor Not reachable, Confirmed appointment, Cancelled appointment and scheduled appointment reminders.


Here’s to happier patients!