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Ray v6 – 35 New Features


  1. Appointment to Payment in seconds

From scheduling an appointment on your calendar to initiating a payment for the completed procedure just takes a few seconds

2.  Comprehensive Case sheets

Get detailed information on your patient’s medical  history with case sheets. Save on time and effort during future references

 case sheet



  1. Accurate Reports

50+ smart reports to help you completely analyze every aspect of your practice

 accurate reports


  1. Robust Billing system

A whole new billing system with clear distinction between invoices and payments




  1. Improved Patient Profile Management

Manage your patients better by adding more details to every profile

 patient profile


  1. Intuitive Timeline

Get an overview of every clinic-patient interaction and medical history with the timeline. You can selectively choose a patient’s prescription, invoice and payment to print a case sheet



  1. Referral sources

Now you can get to know which sources are you being referred by, helping you analyze which sources are working for you the most

 referral sources


  1. Family relation details

You now have the option to add family relation details that will help you analyze a patient’s medical history. You can also wish them on special occasions

 family relation


  1. Patient Notes

Add multiple notes for each patient. These notes can be seen by all members of your staff.

 patient notes


  1. Secondary Mobile number

Add your patient’s secondary mobile number to reach out to them always. SMS will be automatically sent to this number if the primary number is not reachable.

secondary mobile number


  1. Clinical Notes

Now capture the chief complaints, observations and chart a diagnosis for your patients in seconds

 clinical notes


  1. Take Patient Photos with Webcam

Your files can now be integrated with webcam, allowing you to click a patient’s picture and upload it to their profile then and there



  1. Mark observations on radiology images

You can add annotations and tags to files for easier management



  1. Print Receipts

You can print receipts for every financial transaction

 print receipt


  1. Complete Ledger record

Get a detailed list of all amount paid, amount due from each patient



  1. Track Patient Analytics

You can now get daily and monthly reports on every new patient that visits you

track patient analytics


  1. Advance Payments

You can now accept advance payments for a planned treatment

 advance payments


  1. Better Prescriptions

Add precise information on drug dosage and the frequency at which it needs to be taken

 better prescriptions


  1. Drag and drop to upload files

Drag files from folders on your computer and add to your Ray browser

 drag and drop files


  1. Assign procedures done to multiple doctors

Multiple procedures that are done on the same day can now be assigned to individual doctors who performed it. Add discounts also for each procedure

 assign procedures to doctors


  1. Track your appointment details

Get detailed information on each patient’s check in time, waiting duration, engagement time and check out time.

 track appointment details


  1. Partial Payments

You have the option to accept partial payments

 partial payments


  1. Tax Categories

You can now collect and keep track of taxes that are applicable

 tax categories


  1. Settlements

You can provide refunds or settle past payments

settle advance


  1. Enhanced Procedure Catalogues

Get a complete list of prices for each procedure. You can even get information on treatments that are taxable

 enhanced procedure catalogues


  1. Define your Mode of Payment

You now have the option to accept payment by multiple modes – cash, cheque, online

 define mode of payment


  1. Track transaction fee for card payments

You can now track payment transaction fee for each card payment made

track transaction fee


  1. Advanced filters for reports

Every report now has advanced filters helping you get accurate data

 advanced filters for reports


  1. Track amount dues

You can now track amount due not only from each procedure but each doctor as well

track amount dues


  1. Customize your Printouts

Your printouts can now be customized as per your requirements

customize printouts


  1. Choose from Colour or greyscale printouts

You can now provide colour and greyscale options for printouts

colour and greyscale option


  1. Share Case Sheets with Patients

You can print detailed patient profiles that will include his address, blood group and other details, helping your patients in insurance claims

share casesheet with patients


  1. Header for every page

Every page will now have a header

header for every page


  1. Customized headers

You can customize your header text as per your needs

customized headers


  1. Logo sizes as per your needs

We now have three different types of logo sizes for better customization

logo sizes