Hello Outgoing Calls to DND numbers blocked

The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has introduced stiff penalties for violating Do-not-disturb (DND) norms. This has caused the 12th amendment of Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) where all outgoing calls to DND numbers from IVR services will be blocked.

Excerpts from the 12th Amendment
1. Disconnection of number the first time it violates DND norm.
(The earlier process included sending a warning letter to the customer and disconnect in case of a repeat complaint.)
2. All resources in the same name and address, also to be disconnected.
3. Name and address of such DND norms violating subscribers will be uploaded on the TRAI portal.
4. All other operators will download this list and within 24hrs disconnect resources from their end as well, if allotted under that customer’s name and address.
(Which means every other telecom service provider will be forced to discontinue their service to you)

Click here to read the Complete Amendment

Given these harsh punitive actions, we have adjusted Hello to avoid such a situation altogether.

What changes in Hello?

Effective Friday, 17 January, 2014
1. Hello will not allow you to make outgoing calls to DND numbers and you will see an error message when you try to call a DND number
2. You will still continue to receive calls from DND numbers.
3. You can also continue to make calls to non-DND numbers as usual

In case your number itself is a DND number, you have two options:
1. Use a non-DND number to make outbound calls using Hello OR
2. Remove your DND number from the DND registry

UPDATE: As per another TRAI regulation enacted in December 2010, calls to non-DND numbers can only be made between 09:00 AM to 09:00 PM. 

We’ve made these changes to adhere to the DND norms and provide you a smooth calling experience. If you have any feedback or questions email us at support@practo.com or call us on +91 88805 88999.