Three minor updates for Ray

Sometimes it’s the small things that make a big difference. Here are three such updates to make your practice management a little easier.

1. Appointment Confirmation SMS with the year mentioned.

When your patients/clients book an appointment with you, they get a confirmation SMS. Now, if they book an appointment that falls in the next year, the confirmation SMS will mention the year as well.

SMS Template

2. Sorting Inventory list Alphabetically:

This update applies only to customers in the Practo Basic and Advanced subscription plans.


By default, the inventory is sorted according to the item with low stock. Now, you can sort the Name column in the Inventory alphabetically.

  • When you click on Sort A-Z, it sorts the items in the ascending order. The sort option then changes to Sort Z-A.
  • Once you click Sort Z-A, the inventory gets sorted in descending order.
  • The sort option then changes to sort by stock, which will sort the list by stock again.

3. See who’s calling, even if they call from their Secondary mobile number.

This update applies only to customers using Practo Hello service.

These days everyone has two phones (or probably more). That’s why we have a Secondary Mobile Number provision in Practo Ray Contact Profile. Now when patients/clients call your Hello number from their secondary mobile, their names show up in Hello Calls Log, as you can see below.hello idEven though James Joyce has called the practice from two different mobile numbers, you can see that he is recognized in Hello Call Logs for both, his primary and the secondary mobile numbers.