Prescription print-outs with Vital Signs and Clinical Notes

We understand the importance of prescriptions when the patient visits you the next time. It serves as a point-of-reference to know what transpired in the previous consultation.

To make prescriptions more comprehensive, we’re including Vital Signs and your Clinical Notes in your prescription print outs.

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 5.46.56 PM

So now you don’t need two separate printouts – you get the most relevant patient information all in one sheet. To know more about the feature, check our help article.

Supercharged SMS with App Link

The fastest and easiest way for your patients to book an appointment with you is through the Practo App. All they have to do is find you on Practo, see when you are available, and instantly book an appointment. Since it’s so convenient, patients are more likely to book an appointment, rather than thinking that they’ll do it when they ‘find the time’.

Supercharged SMSes are Appointment Reminder/Confirmation SMSes sent to patients, along with a  App Download link.Supercharged-appointment-confirmation-SMS-1024x466

The link reminds patients to get the App, making it easier to book their next appointment with you, and to find your clinic when they need to.

To know more about this feature, check out our Help Article.




Holiday season tips to manage your practice better

As we usher in the holiday season, here are two Practo Ray pro-tips:

1. Going on holiday? Block your calendar and streamline online appointments

If you’re going on a vacation or just taking out some time from your practice, make sure to let patients know, by blocking your calendar. This will help you avert unintended online appointments and help patients seeking appointments plan better.

Here’s how you do it: Blocking your calendar for holidays

2. Send personalized festive greetings to patients

Reaching out to patients on festivals is a great way to spread positive messages about health and create brand recall for your practice.

Here’s how you do it: Sending festive greetings to patients

Best wishes for a great holiday season and do get in touch with for any queries.

Better customer engagement with professional communication

This is a Practo Ray Wellness feature.
Effective communication is an important part of reminding customers about your services, and staying engaged with them. We want to make it easier for you to reach out to your customers, by letting you send messages in crucial touch points. This is sure to make them feel good that you care about them, and impress them with your professional communication.
Our latest update to Practo Ray Wellness lets you send:
1. Anniversary Wishes – SMS & Email
Send birthday and wedding anniversary wishes to your customers – make them feel like a part of your family.
2. Payment confirmation SMS
Let customers know as soon as their payments are received.
3. Membership SMSes
Let customers know when they use their membership balance and when the membership is about to expire.
This is a Practo Ray Wellness feature.

The all-new Practo Ray Android app v5 is here

Your favourite practice management app now includes a powerful billing module, supercharged EMR, smart performance dashboard, and more! Download 

Billing on Ray Android app V5

Bill patients on-the-go!

Dashboard on Ray Android app v5

Your custom performance dashboard


Here’s what’s new:

  • Bill planned procedures, products and services – from your smartphone!
  • Record payments collected from patients and view pending amounts
  • See your patients’ appointment history, files, prescriptions and bills
  • Email these records to patients, right from the app

Presenting the all new smart performance dashboard

Your customized dashboard helps you access handy metrics about appointments (booked vs cancelled), patients (new vs repeat visits) and revenue (received vs outstanding). To top it off, you will also receive daily alerts every night, notifying you of your performance for the day.

Download the app today!

Play Store

For any questions or feedback, please email us at We hope you enjoy using your new practice app!

Tracking lab orders is now easier and simpler

We’ve given the Dental Lab Tracking module a cosmetic make-over, to make it easier for you to find the features that you want.

Here’s what it used to look like:


And here is the all-new interface:
unnamed (1)

unnamed (2)
Sorting lab orders is now really simple, with the new dropdown menus. You and your staff can also easily check or modify the status of each order in just two clicks.

We hope you enjoy using the all-new Labs. Please feel free to write to us at for any questions.

Note: This feature update applies only to Practo Ray customers who have subscribed to the Dental EMR package. To subscribe, simply give a missed call to (+91) 080 39510258.

Easily capture birth history and create comprehensive patient profiles

This feature is available only for existing pediatric EMR customers. To know more about pediatric EMR leave a missed call on (+91) 080 3951 0258.

Capturing relevant medical data like birth and medical history for pediatric patients is essential for reaching the correct diagnosis and planning treatment.

Keeping this in mind, we are pleased to bring you new features that will help you easily create comprehensive profiles for your patients and record all relevant data.

1. Capture parent names without the need to create patient profiles for each parent. Also record father’s & mother’s mobile numbers in the patient profile

Capture parent names & phone numbers

2. Record comprehensive birth history and easily select pre-existing conditions, or add your own

Select pre-existing conditions in pediatric profile

3. A summary of the birth history will always visible in the patient bar. Simply click to expand

Birth history summary

We trust these new enhancements to pediatric patient profiles will assist you in better diagnosis and treatment planning as well as patient recall.

Interested in pediatric EMR? Simply give a missed call to (+91) 080 3951 0258 or email us at

Protect your practice data with two-factor authentication

Your Practo account gets even more secure with two-factor authentication

Continuing with our industry-leading security & data storage standards, we are pleased to introduce two-factor authentication into your Practo account.

How two-factor authentication protects you

Two-factor authentication, widely used by banks & financial institutions worldwide, adds an extra layer of security to your Practo account by using something you know (your username & password) and something you have (your smartphone).

Setting up two-factor authentication

A. For your practice:

1. Practice owners can go to ‘Practice Staff’ in Settings and choose ‘Enforce 2 factor authentication’ (see below)

2. Once enforced, all users (owners, other doctors, staff) will be prompted to Enable it the next time they try to access your practice.

B. For your own account:

1. Any Practo user can visit Practo Accounts, login and click ‘Setup two-factor authentication’.

2. Download the Google Authenticator app and follow the on-screen instructions.

Accessing your account

3 steps

Generating your authentication token

Generating tokens

Activating two-factor authentication for your practice


To activate two-factor authentication, practice owners can go to Settings > Practice Staff or by clicking here.

For more information, refer to the Help article or contact Practo Support.


  1. Authentication tokens are time-bound and for single use only.
  2. A new authentication token will be generated each time you login.
  3. Once enabled for a practice, all account members in that practice must use two-factor authentication to login.

Announcing the all-new Practo Ray Android app – easier, simpler, better

As the first of our many steps towards building a world class mobile-first practice management app, we are pleased to announce the release of the new Practo Ray Android app.

Completely redesigned, the new Practo Ray app gives you richer and cleaner presentation of vital information. Practo Ray is now much easier to navigate, with simplified workflows and improved performance.

What’s new:

  1. Fresh new material design, with richer, cleaner presentation of important information
  2. Patient information is now an elegant timeline, with access to appointments, notes and associated files
  3. Call your patients with a single swipe
  4. We’ve also been hard at work under the hood, getting rid of bugs and oiling the engine


How to get the app

Get Practo Ray app from Google Play Store

We welcome your feedback and suggestions at iPhone users – we’re soon bringing some updates to the iOS app as well.

Exciting features are coming to Practo Ray mobile apps in the near future, so stay tuned!

Sending promotional campaigns & tracking offer redemptions made easier

Note: This feature is part of Practo Ray Pro. To know more about Practo Ray Pro, leave a missed call on (+91) 080 3951 0258.

To help promote customer loyalty and increase footfall, we’re happy to bring you new offer and campaign management features in Practo Ray. These features form the first part of our CRM offering in Practo Ray Pro, sure to be found useful by Wellness practices.

Using these new features, you can easily:

1. Create & manage multiple offers and promotions, running simultaneously

Offers and offer codes in Practo Ray


2. Offer discounts by sending promotional codes via SMS

Send promotional codes via SMS to customers


3. Track campaign-wise redemption and see exactly how many customers redeemed

Track campaign wise redemptions


4. Track offer code-wise redemption and see which offers work best

Track offer code-wise redemption


But that’s not all – creating offers and sending campaigns is simple yet very powerful!

1. Use intelligent groups pre-segmented from your customer database

Pre-segmented groups from your customer database


2. Understand the exact SMS cost of your campaign before it is sent

Understand campaign SMS costs


3. Resend campaigns to the same customers in one click

Resend campaigns in one click


More details can be found in the Help section.

We hope you will find these new updates useful for your practice.  To upgrade to Practo Ray Pro, give a missed call to (+91) 080 3951 0258.