Changes to Edit With Trail in Clinical Notes

Changes to Edit With Trail in Clinical Notes

Note: Applicable for customers in Singapore only. 

Clinical notes are essential to track patient records, and there are several revisions to be made when tracking a patient through the various stages of treatment. Understanding the need for auditing the edit trail in Clinical Notes, Practo brings you a solution to help you edit and review revisions to patient records effortlessly.

Since many edits occur within a 24-hour period of note creation, this new feature automatically updates notes and leaves an edit trail only after the 24-hour period.

With the new edit trail option you can:

  • Make edits with 24 hours without leaving an edit trail
  • Retain the doctor name and date to the clinical note
  • View dates of note creation and note revision separately

Screenshot 2015-01-13 11.33.27

Screenshot 2015-01-13 11.39.28

We trust this feature will help you easily track and monitor edits to Clinical Notes.

Introducing a New User Role – Biller

Managing a clinic involves several people, from the owner, doctors, nursing staff to the receptionist and other administrative staff. While all of them play different roles in running the clinic not all require complete access to information. For example, it is important that non-medical staff have limited access to patients’ medical records to preserve patient privacy and prevent information overload.

Keeping this in mind, Practo Ray has introduced a new user role specifically targeting the Billing Desk.

Manage Staff - Smile Dental

Biller user role, for your billing desk

Biller’ role gives access to:

  • All billing related information
  • Viewing & editing patient profiles
  • Inventory
  • Daily summary report and inventory report

Thus, this user has access to all billing-related information and only one day’s financial data. This helps minimise

  • Access to information not essential for the role
  • Distraction during work hours

We hope this new user role helps you increase staff productivity while keeping sensitive practice information private. Please direct any feedback to

Reminder and Birthday SMS Reactivation

Follow-up reminder SMS and Birthday SMS messages will be reactivated for Singapore customers starting January 1st, 2015.


We had temporarily deactivated follow-up reminder SMS and Birthday SMS messages to keep in line with the The Personal Data Protection Commission’s PDPA requirements. We’ve now started filtering numbers against the DNC register as required. We’re thankful for your patience while we made sure we were completely compliant.



Improvements in printing appointment schedules

We now offer you greater flexibility in printing your Practo Ray schedule.

Apart from previously available options, here are the new additions:

1. Show treatment plans

Tick this checkbox to print procedures planned for each appointment.

2. Group by doctors

Tick this checkbox to print all doctors’ schedule, grouped by doctors.

3. Show free slots

Tick this checkbox to print free slots in the doctors’ calendar along with scheduled appointments.

Here is how it looks:


(Click to zoom)

To access these updates, click the ‘More’ button at the bottom left of your Calendar and go to ‘Print Schedule’.

We trust these new improvements will help you access and manage your schedule better. For any feedback, feel free to get in touch with us.

Maintenance update: Minor change to Practo Ray calendar

We are making a minor change to your Practo Ray calendar today.

In your Practo Ray calendar, when a patient’s appointment is added, a small icon appears next to the patient’s name. If it is the patient’s first appointment, the icon is yellow in colour. For subsequent appointments, the icon turns white.


Due to some operational issues, all icons will now be white. All patients will now show a white icon next to their name. This change will be applicable until further notice.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Please get in touch with our Support team for any assistance.

Monitoring Vital Signs as Trends

Vital signs are key indicators of a person’s health – offering a wealth of crucial information to readers, especially you. In addition to monitoring them closely, plotting these parameters as trends will help you make quicker decisions about the treatment plan. Understanding this need, Practo brings you a solution to give you a holistic picture of your patient’s health right within Practo Ray

Vital Signs Trends

Vital Signs Trends will record, monitor and compare five primary vital signs of a patient, allowing you to plan a more tailored treatment.

● View multiple vital signs readings to spot trends.

● Improve the efficacy of treatment plans.

● Build your reputation among patients.

Vital Signs Trends is available for users on the Basic/Advanced Plans. So go ahead and add your first vital sign. If you’d like to know more about Vital Signs, then check out our help article.

Introducing Practo Feedback

Understand your patients better

Testimonials play a key role in building reputation. But most doctors don’t have the time to collect feedback from patients, let alone analyse and convert them into testimonials.

So to help you increase visibility among patients, Practo brings you Practo Feedback – a service that collects comprehensive feedback from your patients. This feedback will be reflected on as testimonials, emphasizing the authenticity of your practice. Since only verified patients will be leaving feedback about you, prospective patients browsing online will find it much easier to trust your profile.

Practo Feedback

*This service is free of cost for a limited time. Available for customers in India only.


Coming Soon: Vital Signs Trends

Update: Vital Signs Trends is now available to practices in all medical & dental specialties.

Doctors get key insights into their patients’ health by monitoring their temperature, respiratory rate, blood pressure and pulse. The trends displayed by plotting these Vital Signs helps doctors identify chronic medical problems. So when they treat diabetes or hypertension, doctors use Vital Signs to check if the medicines they prescribed are working. In pregnancies, they use it to keep a check on the mother and child’s health.


It would be incredibly useful, for both doctors and patients, if these vital signs could be automatically plotted and accessed all in one place. It would help doctors make an accurate diagnosis, and keep patients updated about the state of their health.

Practo is currently working with doctors to make tracking vital signs trends easier and quicker. Doctors will soon be able to monitor a patient’s vital signs, quickly diagnose medical issues, and tailor treatment plans.

As always, we’d love to hear from you so please leave us your comments. To know more, write to us.

Print Bill Summary

Having a consolidated bill of all the services your performed for a patient, will come in handy when they need one for insurance claims. We want to help you give your patients what they need, so you can now print out a summary of invoices.

Consolidated Bill

Go to your Ledger (under Billing in Records). Check off the Invoices that you want to summarise and click on the Print Billing Summary button.


Five updates for an improved Timeline

The Timeline lets you see the entire patient journey in one glance. Since its such an important visualisation tool for you, we have couple updates focused on ease of use and functionality.

Timeline Categories with Select All option

Timeline select all

We’ve just saved you the effort of manually selecting each Record Category in the Timeline. The Select/Deselect All option makes its easier for you when you want to see the Records for all categories.

If you want to see to just one or two categories, click the option again ( it changes to Deselect All) to quickly choose the options you need.

Deselect All

Image Files in Case Sheet Printouts and Emails

We bring you another feature that you’ve asked for. You can now include Image files (jpeg, bmp, gif formats). You now have greater freedom in including image files, and sharing images has been made easier.

Invoice number and Appointment Timings in Timeline


We’ve packed in a little more information on the Timeline with Invoice numbers and Appointment timings now, so you can easily pick out information that you need.

Doctor Names don’t repeat on Case Sheets

If all Records are created under the same doctor, the case sheet will not repeat the Doctors name for each and every entry. This makes it easier for you to read, and looks better as well.

.Uniform Icons for Records and Timeline

The Timeline icons are now the same as the Records icons. This makes it easier for you to to recall options and helps you pick out them out in an instant.