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Practo Share – Easy Access to Medical Records

You already know the importance of the Doctor-Patient Relationship. That’s why you have Practo Ray running in your practice – to get your patients to put their trust in you.

Practo Share is another effort to improve patient trust. It lets you share medical records with your patients online.

Share Records

Your patients can view their:

  • Appointments
  • Prescriptions
  • Files
  • and Invoices.

This is all they can see. You can stay assured that they can’t see anything else other than what’s mentioned above. Take a look at the help article if you want to know more. You can also reach out to us through our support channels with your thoughts and suggestions.

Default Tax for Products

When you Invoice a Product, you had to manually enter the taxes applicable every time.

With this update, you can now set up the tax applicable on a Product from the Add/Edit Item page in your Inventory.


So the next time you add that product in an Invoice, the tax you specified is automatically selected.


You can also see the Product Retail Price and Applicable Tax in the Inventory list itself.


Check out the detailed How-to article for setting default Taxes.

Auto Stock Updation for Cancelled Invoices

Changed your mind about an Invoice? No problem!

If you need to cancel an Invoice for a product, you don’t have to worry about manually updating stock levels in your Inventory any more. If you cancel any Invoice that has products, the stock levels will get automatically adjusted by adding the stocks back to Inventory.

Auto-Update Dialog Box


Treatment Plans and Completed Procedures with Improved Legibility

We’ve spruced up Treatment Plans and Completed Procedures to make it easier to read for you. We should also mention that it looks way better now, and all the information you need is neatly organised.

Treatment Plans

To make it easier on your eyes, we’ve organised everything in a tabular structure. We’ve packed in all the information you need: From patient details, to Treatment Plan information with the doctor’s name. We’ve also reduced the size of each Treatment Plan entry, which does two things : It makes it easy for you to pick out information, and you don’t have to scroll around the screen as much as you did before.

Treatment Plans

Completed Procedures

We’ve applied the same principles of making the information as crystal-clear as possible here. We’ve arranged everything so you don’t have to search for anything. You get the benefits of reduced scrolling and increased legibility in this as well. Actually, why don’t you look below and see for yourself?

Completed Procedures

Improved auto-selection of Therapist or Doctor

With this improvement, when a staff user (non doctor/therapist user) adds a completed procedure from procedure catalog the system will automatically select the most recent appointment’s doctor or therapist  as the one who performed the procedure.

AppointmenDoctorAsDefaultSimilarly, the most recent appointment’s doctor or therapist is selected as default when a procedure from catalog is added to Invoice

AppointmenDoctorAsDefault-InvoiceThis improvement in default doctor selection can be seen while adding any of the following information:

  • Treatment Plan
  • Clinical Notes
  • Completed Procedure
  • Prescription
  • Procedures in Invoice
  • Products in Invoice (only for Basic & Advanced plan subscribers)

Please note that as an exception to this rule when a Completed Procedure is added from Treatment Plan, the Treatment Plan’s doctor or therapist is selected by default.

To see the complete order of preference for default doctor selections, click here.

Hello Answered Call Alerts

Even if you’re not in your clinic, you can now know if and when your clinic’s calls are being answered. The Hello Answered Call SMS gives you all the call information you need.

Hello Answered Call Alert SMS

Now you’ll know if an important client calls and be assured that your stations are being manned. It lets your staff know that you’re monitoring the clinic, even if you’re not there.

To turn on Answered Call Alerts, go to Settings > Practice Staff > Staff Notifications, where you’ll see the check box to turn on the alerts.Hello Answered Call Alert

They’re turned off by default, and you’ll have to check the box to turn them on.

Released: One Step Invoicing

Until now you needed to first add a Completed Procedure before you added it to an Invoice. With the new super fast One-Step Invoicing, we’ve made it a lot easier for you.

You can now add any procedure from the Procedure Catalog (on the right). You can also add procedures from your Treatment Plans and Completed Procedures. Adding Procedures to Invoices

In the Procedure Catalog, Completed Procedures are identified by a ‘Completed’ label appearing in Green color next to the procedure name. Similarly, the procedures from Treatment Plans are identified by ‘Planned’ labels.

The Planned procedures and the procedures added directly from the Procedure Catalog are automatically marked as Completed once the Invoice is saved.

To know more, check out How Do I Invoice a Procedure from Procedure Catalog?.

Expiring Stock Alert

The first in the long line of updates we have planned to make your Inventory top notch, we are introducing Expiring Stock Alerts. Now, you will get an expiring stock alert email at the start of each month which lists out your products expiring in the next three months. 

Expiring Stock Alert

This three month advance alert should give you time to sort out expiring stock and minimise waste.

Please Note: This update is available only to Product Billing & Inventory users in Basic and Advanced Plans.

Your Best Invoicing Experience Yet : Released

Do you notice anything different when you see the new Invoice screen?

Add Invoice NEw

Now that it has a streamlined look, we bet you do. We’ve improved the Add Invoice Screen to put everything in a tabular format to make it easily readable.

Here’s how it works:


(Click on the image to view a larger version, and hit Backspace when you’re done to come back to this page.)


Add Invoice NEw1

Everything fits in a single line, making for a clean and fast Invoicing experience.

As always, drop us a line at to tell us what you think.

Released: All Your Patient Information In One Place – Records

Contacts, EMR and Billing – They’re all about patients. So we’ve put all that patient information, under one tab – Records. So when you click on the Records tab, you’ll see everything on the left, for immediate access.


So now that it’s all in one place, you can switch from checking Prescriptions to Payments in no time, just like you’ve wanted to. To start with, Records will be an optional feature – You can always go back to the current way of navigation.

As always, we’d like to know what you think. You can send your comments to